The iLike Beer Theme Song:

The iLike Beer Theme Song: "Drink Beer." Yes, this is an original song, exhaustingly derived by this author.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dark Horse Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Monster 29

Background: Alas, it has been quite some time since I have updated this interwebbing surf-net book page.  However, along came this Beer (brought by my much aforementioned friend).  Like many great Beers sampled by this author (for clarification; me) the tale of how this libation came to rest in my glass is wondrous.

Although this tale does not involve wizards, cycloptic monsters, nor even a flying buttress it does involve that great feat of man kind; waiting.  3.147*10^2 hours were spent, dormant, hunting, watching, waiting for this rare brew to emerge.  Through his conviction, and dedication, I was able to sample this elusive elixir.

Color: Awesome.

Taste: Art.  Upon the arrival of the first sip a sweet, smooth, and complex flavor bouquet graced my tongue (and some of my lips to be honest).  This brew was more complex than the social and economic issues caused from donkey cheese hoarding.  If this serum was compared to an instrument, a large piano would be best for analogizing, even as big as 5 keys long.  Yes there are 5 different notes in this piano of the future, but  each note contributes it's own personality into the chord of beautiful Beer.


  1. Hello Tb (can I call you that). I moved to the windy city recently and they gots some awesome style beer shops. I have Been enjoying beers by some folks called Clown Shoes - they make beer. Anyway, its not all that windy.

  2. Oh, and thank you for making the bloggy talk on my birthday. Engrish locks!

  3. Goddamnit I want to read your entries more often. I dont suppose I could coax you into doing a guest post on my blog?

    1. I am flattered Mr. Brewfus. I will attempt to update more often, and certainly I could be coaxed into being a guest. Let me know what you would like.

    2. Wow, really? that's fantastic! Nothing too special, just a review of a beer you drink. You have the best style of any beer review I've ever read. You can shoot me an e-mail over at

      Thanks man, really. this is fun.