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The iLike Beer Theme Song: "Drink Beer." Yes, this is an original song, exhaustingly derived by this author.

Monday, July 11, 2011

ABInBev Budweiser

Background:  With the American colony about to celebrate still having their independence I decided I should get into the festivities.  Since I did not k now what the saying “Bah mer-ah-can” meant (although it is forcibly shouted when heard) I decided I needed a different approach.  As such, I did some research as to what the most American Beer style was, and which Beer exemplified it.  It turns out that the words “clean, crisp, and cool”  are used as a style in place of the term “Lager.”   An interesting note; Americnos Lageros is Latin for “to blandly see through a medium more clearly than air.”  With a little research, it became clear that this was the best choice to celebrate what American is: The Budweiser is touted as being an American Beer, however it is owned by ABInBev which is a Belgian (not a state in the US) company.  Much like purchasing an American automobile, such as a Chrysler, who is owned by Fiat, which is an Italian (also not a state) company.

Color:  As is the typical with American Lagers, it is very light.  When I look at this in a glass I think one of two things:  by jove my water has jaundice, or yet again this poor establishment has refused to wash my glass prior to serving my San Pellegrino.  The closest descriptor I can muster would be similar to the color Icterine.

Taste:  I must admit that I have seen this Beer take some criticism from the educated Beer press for being bland and lackluster.  Many go as far as to say “similar to water.”  I feel as though this is an exaggeration for if given the choice between water and Budweiser, I would choose Budweiser.    I think a better description would be to imagine a 20g tea bag filled with biscuit malt, and a quarter hop flower steeped in carbonated water.  

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