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Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Lakes Brewing Company: Jabberwocky

I was recently on a tour of the Great Lakes Brewing Company with some dear friends of mine (yes, the same kind soul which shared the aforementioned Scotch ale).  We were delighted to have been shown around by none other than their brewmaster Luke.  He is quite the gentleman,  especially considering the cheeky shananigans of some of the more inebriated in the group. 
At the heart of this particular adventure's story however is a certain Beer.  After my drinking campanion asked Luke about any interesting non commercially available treats we were informed of the existance of a libation named Jabberwocky.

This brew was an ale of Belgium decent which had been aged in old sherry casks for no less than 6 years.  It had a deep amber color with hints of rose.  I must admit however, that lighting was low at best (perfect for a pub) which prevented accurate viewing and subsequent photography.
It had a very tangy flavor.  The sherry influence was instantly noted with an ever so light flavor of Californian oak (more than likely from the Napa Valley region).  The rest of the Belgium flavor followed, although subtly,  much unlike a vehicle from Spyker

Overall, in a day long tour of multiple breweries filled with mediocrity, Great Lakes (and another with review to follow) were standout leaders, making said trip quite well worth it.  Thank you to Luke for the hidden beast.

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