The iLike Beer Theme Song:

The iLike Beer Theme Song: "Drink Beer." Yes, this is an original song, exhaustingly derived by this author.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Harviestoun-Ola Dubh Special Reserve 16

Background:  A dear friend approached me one day and we dove head first into a discussion of the finer things in life; scotch, questionable websites, beer, and pipe tobaccos.  Two of these points led him to going into his cellar.  Upon his return he produced a bottle of this fine brew.  The best of discussions always lead to great things.

Color: I am reminded of planks of kiln dried deep, rich, dark, American walnut, glistening with a light coat of hand rubbed urethane. 

Taste: What does one expect from a drink when they understand that a complex ale has been aged in fine scotch barrels?  Exactly what was presented to me, that is my answer.  To paraphrase using a quote from noted award winning author David Chappelle, in reference to dog food:  “It tastes just like it smealls….delicious.”

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