The iLike Beer Theme Song:

The iLike Beer Theme Song: "Drink Beer." Yes, this is an original song, exhaustingly derived by this author.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Name Tag Classic

Background: Classic. In one word, this is an exemplary description. I am reminded of my Grandpapy's memories, sitting on a rocking chair, drinking a Beer. No particular name, no particular taste, just a beer. When I saw this timelessly labeled beverage sitting upon the shelf at the nearly local store whose name escapes me, (it is similar to Traitor Bose) I was sent back to a time when the male was a Man, and Beer was Beer. Even though I did not live during this time, I remember it fondly.

Color: The shimmer of this beer would have rivaled a polished piece of nearly clear Baltic amber. Lighter than some things which I can't cleverly think of off the top of my head, but I assure you are really light. If a color can be described as muddy, this would be it's antithesis. Possibly the best analogy I can think of would be what one might observe in the WC at a point of near perfect hydration.

Taste: It has the classically classic taste of a classic lager. To be perfectly transparent (not too unlike the Beer itself) the flavor is not what sold me with this particular beverage, it was the sales sign. It read similar to this message; “Name Tag: @ $2.99 for 6, it works.” At close to a metric 5% ABV it packs a classic whallop, and served ridiculously cold, your papillae will be classically impressed. Quite classic indeed.

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