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The iLike Beer Theme Song: "Drink Beer." Yes, this is an original song, exhaustingly derived by this author.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shorts Mystery Stout

Shorts Mystery Stout
Background:  It is a mystery that this bottle made it to my abode (not to be confused with commode, although they do rhyme quite nicely I do say).   I purchased what I thought to be a complete half dozen bottles of another brew, however when I pulled out the first one it turned out to be this beer.  True to its name, I am unsure how it appeared here whether it be osmosis, evanescence, or by any other vaporiously mediocre band named process.  It was there, and of course I had to drink it.

Color:  Dark.  Much like the famed Black-Brown wood coloring found at a famous Swedish furniture store.  The beer was dense looking, and I swear I saw something looking back at me.  This beer is rather unnerving.

Taste:  Unnerving, that is until I took a sip.  A familiarity swept over me which can be likened to having a freshly sun dried fleece blanket wrapped around my head.  This is no ordinary familiarity, nonsense.  This was the familiarity of meeting someone who you believe you have known all of your life.  It is not just a flavor phenomenon that I am trying to describe, but the whole experience around the tasting.  I felt as if I had had these flavors throughout my life, yet not at one instant.  Isolated, the different flavors are dare I say, drab?  Together, they share the acquaintance that only siblings from the U.S. State of West Virginia can have.  This is the least special, special Beer that I have had.  I think it is a mystery that although it is completely unremarkable, I have desired on more than one occasion, to purchase it again (knowingly this time).


  1. Shorts is becoming one of my favorite MI breweries. Have you tried the Bellaire Brown? I purchase it on many occasions.

  2. Timmy,

    I have not tried this beer yet. I will give it a shot. I am on a drinking hiatus due to a....misunderstanding. See the "Gleen Finch" entry.

    Once back on the bike so to say, I will give this a try.